tanama cave tubing

I wonder who is the cave tubing and that consiste¿No? And above all, why that Puerto Rico is the place? So let’s start.

Cave tubing

is an experience in which you walk through forests of bamboo large wingspan and will cross a cave across the river in a floating tubes letting go with the flow.

Cave tubing in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is ideal for cave tubing caves because it has more than 300 meters long and some up to 200 meters high, its flora and fauna are spectacular place. The Tanama river is spectacular for such aventura.


First is given a long walk through the beautiful forests of Puerto Rico, then you can enjoy a caving exploration through the tunnel caves by the system of underground rivers, caves in these wonderful stalactites are formed and can enjoy the nature floating downstream on a flotante tube.

No matter how old you are to enjoy this unique experience in a privileged place like Puerto Rico