Tanama Excursion

Tamana is a natural wonder of Puerto Rico, which exists for the enjoyment of all and where you can do all kinds of outdoor activities.

A map worth visiting

As can be seen on the map in Tamana there are protected areas and areas to be protected as a result of years of struggle by people interested in protecting this natural paradise.

For us who live in this wooded area that is in the middle between the Adjuntas town forest and the wooded and swampy areas of the Arecibo coast (Caño Tiburones) If you enlarge the map you will see how huge this area is (so big like the Anvil). It extends from the Caguana Indigenous ceremonial park, covering the Cueva Ventana, Cueva Sorbetos, lakes, the observatory, up to Caños Arecibo, as well as the caverns of the Camuy River and its surroundings, where the famous Mayson Cave, Collores Cave and dozens of caverns are located.

Special prices for excursions

If you want to make an Excursion in Tanama, Puerto Rico. We have excellent prices and special prices for groups. Visit our Tanama photo gallery.


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