Route #4 Indiana Jones Route


This extreme hiking route is only suitable for people who enjoy excellent physical condition, due to the level of difficulty of transit through the most intimate part of Tanamá. It includes a tour of routes 2 and 3, where you can enjoy the impressive rock formations that are home to crystal clear navigable waters.

On this walk, the view falls short with such a broad view of nature, which is made up of a natural architecture of rocks, mountains, trees and gentle waterfalls. In the adventure you will also enjoy internal walks in caves and petroglyph formations. An exceptional adventure that you cannot miss when you visit the magical jungle in Tanamá.

Excursion time.

This route, incorporating tour 2 and 3, has an approximate duration of 7 to 9 hours.

Who can participate?

For this activity, only adults who are in excellent physical condition can participate, due to the complexity of transit through the different areas. It is not recommended for sedentary people, nor for those who are overweight.

Children are not allowed on this excursion.


The regular price of the route is $179.00.

The excursion with lodging, breakfast and lunch included, has a price of $199.00.


If the excursion is canceled prior to the execution date, 50% of the payment made electronically will be refunded.
If you want to change the route or postpone the excursion, you can do it without inconvenience.
It is not recommended to carry GPS devices, as they do not work in the mountainous area.

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    Guided Tours, History, Jungle
  • Activity Level Challenging