Jungle of Tanama

We have tours for all tastes and ages so that you can fully enjoy this wonderful tropical paradise of our Isla del Encanto.

From the top of our Angeles neighborhood we have taken a series of photos of the peaks and mountains that we have around, but today we will be filming a video that promises that you will like it.

Jungle of Tanama. Tanama Tours. This is the jungle of Tanama. We have tours available with guides in English and Spanish.

Everything for your enjoyment

In the background in this photo the spectacular mount “La Silla de Calderón” and next to it the Rodadero peak, both at the highest point of Yauco.

The view from Angeles will be able to see Mount Guilarte ( Adjuntas ) , Mount Hormiga and the mystical Sleeping Giant , further to the left Mount Maravilla and 3 peaks of Jayuya.

And we can take you to all of them so that you can enjoy incomparable adventures, with the greatest safety at the best price.


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