Adventure Tanama

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In this opportunity we show you the cave rediscovered in 2015, where we were part of this process where utensils from the beginning of the 1900s were found, in addition to this, some bones found were qualified.

Take a look at the stactite demolished by the 1918 earthquake, it looks like a tooth, it fell with such force that it was buried. It passes between beautiful columns.

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In our company we have activities for people of all ages, even for those over 60 years of age, as long as their physical condition allows it. We specialize in all kinds of tourism activities such as archaeological tourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism.

On this occasion, we had 9 hours of intense walking to rediscover this treasure. Soon we will have the SEPRI speleological society directed by Julio Rodríguez to give us the approval of the new cave recently discovered after archaeological studies including the remains that are still intact.

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