This is a selection of the 3 best places to hike in Puerto Rico. We offer different Day Trips in Puerto Rico: El Morro A strength of 500 years in San Juan. It has different levels and a maze of rooms, cells, corridors you can discover Arecibo Arecibo is interesting for its network of caves. […]

Today we bring you a mini guide for those who want to travel to Puerto Rico cheaply: When is it best to travel to Puerto Rico? I would say the best time to travel to Puerto Rico is in winter since weather is nice but if you want your trip cheaper is definitely in Spring […]

I wonder who is the cave tubing and that consiste¿No? And above all, why that Puerto Rico is the place? So let’s start. Cave tubing is an experience in which you walk through forests of bamboo large wingspan and will cross a cave across the river in a floating tubes letting go with the flow. […]

Today we talk about tourism in Puerto Rico. Above all what most American tourists seeking in Puerto Rico, which are the beaches of Aguadilla for his great disposition for so fashionable sports such as surfing. BEACHES OF AGUADILLA Aguadilla Beach This is a very attractive beach because apart from nice, it is possible to surf, […]

4 Indispensable attractions in Tanamá Want to know what attractions you can not miss in Tanamá, Puerto rico? For this is the right web in which we will show 1 but 4 of the best! Let’s start talking a little Tanamá river; It is a unique place for adventure activities and has great attractions. It […]

A map of the area of interest of protecting areas from which this commenting even in the message of the governor. For we who live in this wooded area which is in the same medium between Pueblo de Adjuntas forest and wooded areas and cienagosas the coast of Arecibo (pipe Sharks) If the really large […]

From the highest in our neighborhood Angeles have taken a series of photos of the peaks and hills we have around, but today will be filming a video that promises you will like. In the background in this photo the spectacular mountain “Calderón’s Chair” and beside the Rodadero peak both in the top of Yauco. […]

The new cave rediscovered as utensils early 1900 found. You have to wait for rating a bones found. Fíjence in estactita demolished by the earthquake of 1918, looks like a wheel, fell so hard being buried. It goes inbetween beautiful columns. Adventure Tanama. We have activities for seniors over 60 years provided that the physical […]

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