4 Indispensable attractions in Tanamáattractions tanama

Want to know what attractions you can not miss in Tanamá, Puerto rico? For this is the right web in which we will show 1 but 4 of the best!

Let’s start talking a little Tanamá river; It is a unique place for adventure activities and has great attractions. It is a beautiful natural park and given the conditions in which it is located is an ideal place for adventure. Do forest trail, mountain hiking, rappel, rafting and enjoy a unique underground world, with caverns and caves which can make downs.

And now we will show the 4 things we like to Tanamá:

Natural Caño 1.Reserva Sharks

This is the largest wetland in Puerto Rico habitat of many birds, fish and more than 40 spices of flora, in the geosciences and fresh water is studied North contrasted with the salty ocean water make it an ideal habitat for a large number of species. In it there are multiple sources that come from their underground aquifers.

2.Playa Flamenco

On the south coast of the island of Culebra, Playa Flamingo with its crystal clear water, white sand, is great for water sports or enjoy a swim in the middle of nature.

3.Cueva Window

One of the 400 caves explored in Puerto Rico, Cueva Ventana is in the karst area Arecibo (like the Tanamá River), boasts stunning views of the valley of Arecibo and provides a different perspective of the area.

4.Cueva Indian

The legend that adorns and views that can be seen from this natural setting make it a privileged place. It is located in the town of Arecibo, a place where the Taino Indians of the island from attacks by the Spaniards took refuge when they invaded the isla.Puedes find prints and drawings in stones and excellent views.
What do you think these attractions in Tanamá?

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