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Puerto Rico has some of the most impressive carcic areas of the world. In the western world we are the first to have this wonder of nature, being Cuba the second one in America. The following pictures present the magnitude of this spectacular beauty available to all to enjoy in Puerto Rico as well as the Caribbean. It is an area of difficult access so that is why it is very important that the participants and nature adventurers be in excellent physical conditions. The Tanamá Tours has been operating since 1971 being among the first groups in Puerto Rico to operate, even when the word eco-tourism did not exist. The first adventurers were people willing to do anything to see and enjoy an unknown world with few known paths that were first delineated by archaic Indians and then by Taínos. Later on, the puertorican jibaros (named this way due to the mix of races), followed the same paths. TANAMA is a gigantic natural museum perfected by various indigenous tribes who used their caves to shape a series of Indian petro glyphs altars. TANAMA is for those who love nature in its splendor. Spirituality and respect is required because TANAMA is sublime, surreal and especially enigmatic. We are grateful to the puertorican television industry as well as European and US media for their interest and support during these past years. For better convenience, we offer a simple and neat boarding house for overnight lodging. The boarding house has 20 beds, hot water, a grill and two kitchens. We are very grateful for your time in viewing our site. You will love what you will see, so please pass this on to your friends and relatives and let them know about “Boriquén”. We have three pages in face book with the same name of Tanamá Tours. Join us by giving a “like” or as “followers”.

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